Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The intro

Welcome to my kitchen!! I absolutely love to cook & create - it's my mode of expression & creativity. My number one rule - you are as a good of a cook as you believe yourself to be. My number two rule - if no one likes to come over for dinner, you might want to revisit the level of your belief in number one.

If you can read - you can cook. And if you enjoy food, and all the variety there is to it, you can be a very good cook. The only bad cooks I've met are the ones that don't enjoy eating. Someone who hates reading wouldn't be a good writer - so someone who just eats to meet their nutritional needs? Not gonna be a good cook.

With that said, if you just kinda like eating you can still be a great cook - and my advice? Slow down, really taste your food - there's so much enjoyment to be had!

I'll work on organizing this blog better as I go, and can't promise any huge frequency of posts, but I will do my best! Please feel free to post feedback, questions, or tips on how I can improve my own kitchen. Note: I am currently living in Nairobi, Kenya. Therefore, some of my recipes may not be universal, and some of the recipes I really wish I could indulge in are just not possible here. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy these recipes immensely!

Please feel free to pass them to others, duplicate them, tweak them to your own liking, or never make them! I'll try to give credit where credit is due when I acquire a recipe from someone or somewhere else - my apologies if  I don't always do this correctly!

Enjoy the process of discovering or expanding your own culinary genius! Recipes to come soon!

xo - sarah

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